Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy
Today, on this Christmas morn, we celebrate our great joy with the words of this Christmas hymn by Rev. David Bjorlin. Again, you are invited to read the text slowly and prayerfully. Notice what word or phrase you are drawn to, and offer it as a prayer to God.

Light is Kindled in the Darkness
Light is kindled in the darkness
when our hope seems most absurd,
beacons through a shrouded future,
pledges of Christ’s steadfast word;
gifts of goodness yet enfold us-
all around, beneath, above-
signs of beauty still persisting,
symbols of God’s constant love.

Though the wrong appears victorious-
vi’lence, prejudice, and pride-
hope still rises from the wreckage;
joy and grief stand side by side.
We will feel both pain and promise,
terror’s sting and love’s new birth,
as we walk in light and shadow
on God’s blessed and bleeding earth.

Raise your candle in the darkness,
though the wick of faith burns low.
Feed the fire with grace and justice
and in wonder watch it grow.
As we gather flames together,
till they shine with warmth and light,
God dispels the night of hatred,
and the blaze of love burns bright.

Text written by Rev. David Bjorlin © 2017 GIA Publications, Inc.

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