Friday, December 28- JOHN 1:15-18

God’s desire to be connected to us was so expansive that God does this amazing thing. God showed us the full expression of who he is, the fullest expression of his love and grace, by sending Jesus from God’s heart to our heart, from God’s side to our side.

Look how much we are loved. We are given grace upon grace, gift upon gift, love upon love. God holds nothing back from us. God gives all that God has to give. God, wanting us to really know Godself chose to have Jesus come, someone with skin on. Someone who could be touched, seen, and heard. Wow.

Jesus knows. Jesus knows the messiness of our lives, our struggles, our ups and downs. Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us, because he knows.

If you ever wonder if you matter, if you ever wonder if you are seen at all, if you ever wonder if you are alone, know that you are of inestimable worth, and Jesus walks beside you.

Thank you, Lord. May your love permeate our lives. Amen.

(The devotions for Christmas week were originally written by Rev. Eva Sullivan-Knoff for the Covenant Home Altar. They are used with permission here)


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