Enneagram Insights: Belonging, the Law of One

The truth of the Law of One—that nothing is separate from, but rather everything is part of—is truly mind blowing to the ego, which believes the inverse. Ego has us believing that there is limited room at the table. If you are there, there may not be room for me. Ego has us believing that we need to work to belong—and then continue to work to maintain that belonging. That we need to concern ourselves with what others are contributing and compare that to our contribution to ensure our continued place. This is Ego’s attempt to help us avoid suffering, but you see the constant suffering happening here.

As we pause to take notice, we can become aware of this never-ending, anxiety-provoking rat race—and stop.

Stopping is one of the most terrifying movements in transformation work, but without it nothing new will ever have a chance to grow. Stopping brings us to that empty, dark, and terrifying place of holding back from applying our worn out, ineffective band aids and simply waiting. And if we can tolerate this, even a bit, something amazing wafts in on the breeze, something new and oftentimes not all that formed. If we can hang in there, this new thing has a chance to grow inside of us and outside of us. We can become reacquainted with the old truth that had been planted deep within us, We Already Belong! We never lost the belonging that we have been working so hard to compete for. There is no separateness that is operating to take any one of us outside of the whole. We belong and are safe to enjoy each other and the wonderful contributions we and others bring to the table.