Enneagram Insights: The Law of Three and Either/Or

Like the Law of One, the Law of Three represents a concept that is independent of the Enneagram but that the Enneagram points us toward. If we could personify the Enneagram, it would be saying, “Hey! Keep in mind this important truth as you live your life. You will benefit greatly!” 

Let’s continue this personification and discover how the Enneagram illustrates the Law of Three by putting the 3, 6, and 9 points in conversation. 

Point 3 says, “I have this great idea that we should definitely get started on now!” (Do you hear the energy?) Point 6 responds, “Wait just a minute, you need to think about this…And what about that?” (Do you hear some resistance?) If our two characters continue to advocate for their view, seeking persuade the other, we reach an impasse. 

We are all familiar with this place of Yes/No. We set up camp on our side and make it our mission to get the other to abandon theirs in favor of ours. We Either/Or. When submerged in this Either/Or mindset, ensuring our truth is represented, we do not take our eyes away to take a peek at what the other is saying. As both parties remain equally entrenched, the sad result is a simmering stalemate or felt disconnection. Neither of these are great to experience, and neither helps truth make its way into the world. There is so much lost in our Either/Or-ing; I am hard pressed to find much good it offers. 

Luckily, point 9 has not yet shown up in the story. We will save that for next time.   -Sali