First Week of Advent

First Week of Advent Reflection

Lord, as I sit here with you, quiet the flurry of my thoughts. Help me to breathe in deeply the peace of your presence. As I slowly exhale, please release all worry and tension. Prepare me to hear you as I desire to be present with you and to you.

Pause for a moment or two and breathe in the words “Be Still and Know” (that I am God) from Psalm 46:10 It is shortened here in order to pray these words as a breath prayer. Inhale “Be still.” Exhale “and know.”
Do this for a moment or two.

As we begin Advent, the days grow darker. As we watch the news the darkness seems to permeate. Refugees are forced away. Racism still ravages in the streets. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. LGBTQ persons are mistreated hatefully. And yet, we know the way to the light of Christmas is through this season of Advent, and so we enter.

Read the poem through a few times. Pause and reflect on a word or phrase on where you are drawn.

Advent Unfolding
Waiting, watching, longing,
As the darkness seeps in,
we enter Advent once again
Daring to hope
as we walk step by step
that the light of Christmas
Will shine
Permeating our lives
reflected in and through
Anticipating we await.
Waiting, watching, longing,
We examine our lives
Preparing our hearts
Making room once again.
We confess our sins,
Decluttering the clutter.
Naming our doubts and our fears,
Seeking to be a dwelling
Where the Christ is at Home
Living and loving
In and through
Permeating all around us.
Waiting, watching, longing
We Hope.
(Rev. Eva Sullivan-Knoff, copyright 2018)

Our gracious Lord and Light, prepare us as we await your birth once again. Help us as we examine our hearts. Show us what you desire us to see. Increase our vision that we may see through your eyes. Reach out through our hands to those around us. Assist us in fighting for justice. Love all through us that there may be healing and peace in this world. We wait, watch and long for you our God of hope. Amen.

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