Our Response to COVID-19

We all need prayer and support during ordinary times, but as we are in uncertain times with the Coronavirus, we need it even more. So we offer reflections, spiritual practices, online groups, the opportunity to share prayer requests of those you want us to hold in prayer, with the hope that they meet you where you are and offer solace during this time.

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There is so much to grieve in 2020 on multiple levels including Covid. This is for all who have been touched by loss and are grieving. Grieving Grieving Heart- break-ing Sobbing Wailing Yearning Longing Searching Stretching Releasing Reaching Being Reached Reassured Loved Held Comforted By the Divine One  whose heart and arms holds it all. […]

Blessing in the Chaos

This has been such a stressful year on many fronts. May this poem by Jan Richardson, “Blessing in the Chaos” bring peace to you.  

A Pandemic Thanksgiving

Oh God, During this Thanksgiving season, our hearts are immensely heavy, and so we lament. Covid has taken so many lives and has isolated us one from another, racism and white supremacy have claimed too many lives as they invoke evil on the black community. A stressful political environment has us on edge. It has […]

Lectio Divina: Isaiah 46:3,4

Opening Prayer Oh Holy One, We come as we are in so many different ways. How grateful we are that you welcome us completely, however we come. Quiet our hearts before you now. Meet us in the stillness And awaken us to your care for us. Lectio Divina or Divine Reading Read this scripture through […]

Examen Quarantine

Beth Miller, using the spiritual practice of the Examen, helps us to prayerfully look back over our time in quarantine.

Lectio Divina: Isaiah 40:28-31

We invite you to a Lectio Divina reading of Isaiah 40:28-31.      

A Guided Meditation of St. Ignatian Imaginative Prayer

May the gift of your imagination present new ways of experiencing the love of God in this time, on Good Friday, and every time. 

Welcoming Prayer – A Guided Meditation During COVID-19

This guided meditation of Welcoming Prayer is for anyone needing or desiring a meditation or prayer practice to help become more aware of your inner world and find a way to welcome and accept what is in the present time.

A Few Words of Comfort

I wanted to offer a comforting word today…

Lectio Divina

Please join Eva for a prayer and meditation spiritual practice known as Lectio Divina.

Sometimes Lord

Sometimes Lord, it is hard to find the words. Sometimes, just one word expresses it well. So we pray help. Help all those who are grieving. Help all those who are sick and/or who have been exposed. Help the frontline workers. Help all those whose livelihoods have been affected. Help the most vulnerable. Help our […]

Prayer for These Times

Holy One, the days of the virus linger on. For God alone my soul waits in silence. The news updates roll in like wave after wave, bringing more stories, more pain, more fear. For God alone my soul waits in silence. The ache of separateness from loved ones is sometimes hard to bear. For God […]

Prayer During These Stressful Times

We remember each person and family who has been directly affected by the Coronavirus. We light a candle and offer a prayer for healing for each one far and wide. We invite you to light a candle from ours and light another’s candle, for as we light each other’s candles, the light expands, warms, heals, and encourages.