Prepare the Way with Quietness

Prepare the way with quietness,
a stillness in the storm,
that will not speak the wounding words
that cheapen or deform.

Prepare the way with hopeful words
some mock but others crave,
that makes the empire flinch in fear
and turn the fearful brave.

Prepare the way through holding back
while others grasp or strain
for unjust wealth and untamed power
that add to human pain.

Prepare the way with fervent love
that tears down walls of hate
and reconstructs a kinder world
that justice can create.

Prepare the way until we reach
the dawn of that new day
when all our paths converge in Christ
and we have found our way.

Text written by Rev. David Bjorlin, 1984 © 2020 GIA Publications, Inc.

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