The Enneagram

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Introduction to the Enneagram

The Enneagram of Personality is a dynamic personality typing system with its roots in a long history of observing human behavior. It outlines nine different personality types with each type operating out of a mix of both natural gifts and developed defensive strategies. Once these gifts and defensive strategies are recognized, self-awareness and behavioral choice increase. The areas of life where these changes can take place are numerous resulting in increased success and satisfaction.


We offer several workshops for those new to the Enneagram, or to those who wish to explore the Enneagram on a deeper level. 


There will be no Enneagram workshops in July and August, but please join us again in September.

Instincts – Part II: Navigating the Instincts More Consciously In Relationships

Some Enneagram teachers believe that differences between ours & others’ dominant  instincts have just as much - if not more - impact on the relational challenges we experience. We will explore how the instincts are at play in the spaces between us, how we can navigate with appreciation, and how we might compassionately invite each other into spaces of freedom. ...
15 May
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Using our Arrows to Construct the Best Plan Forward

The trifecta created by our Core and Arrow types offers us rich insights into the patterns we can observe in our behavior. We will explore both the pitfalls and invitations made available to us as we understand more fully this aspect of the Enneagram.  ...
19 Jun
10:30 am - 12:00 pm
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The Journey Center of Chicago has two certified Enneagram teachers. Both have experience leading individuals and groups through the Enneagram. We offer several workshops for those new to the Enneagram, or to those who wish to explore the Enneagram on a deeper level. 

Sali Honess-Ondrey LCSW
Sali was introduced to the Enneagram in 2000 and used it extensively in her private counseling practice. Sali is certified as an Enneagram trainer in 2016 with Enneagram Spectrum. She has developed and facilitated several workshops for a variety of groups since that time. Certified as a Spiritual Director in 2010.

Pam Sutherland
Pam is a certified spiritual director and Enneagram teacher. She uses the Enneagram extensively in her work with individuals, couples, leadership teams, and groups as a framework for facilitating deeper self-awareness, mutual understanding, appreciation, and compassion. She is certified in Enneagram Spectrum and Bringing out the Best in Yourself at Work, and has extensive training in the Enneagram Instincts and Subtypes.