Come As You Are
Encounter the holy
Be renewed


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A Betwixt and Between Thanksgiving

Our Source of life, This Thanksgiving we find ourselves so changed. The last two years have marked us, scarred us, And left us wondering what is the new normal.


Spiritual Direction Training

Cohort 2 begins in the Spring of 2023. Stay tuned for updates.

Join Us On The Journey

We are not a church or an institution.

We are people who have encountered God’s welcome and are being made whole through God’s expansive love.  We create space just as God has created space for us. If you desire to know God’s radical welcome or to join us on a journey toward wholeness, you are so welcome here. You are invited to Come As You Are, Encounter the Holy, Be Renewed. 

We believe everyone is created in the image of God. We embrace the diversity of sexual orientation, gender identity and its expression, religious background, age, range of abilities, racial and cultural identity or background, and educational and socioeconomic status.

On Our Racial Justice Journey

God accepts us where we are and invites us to become more…
Jesus’ essence was one of welcome and radical hospitality.

Over 400 years ago, our country didn’t show the essence of Jesus and brought people from Africa to be sold as slaves. African American people have been enslaved in many ways ever since. The visible murder of George Floyd has awakened a too often dormant demand to face the raw truth that the crimes of injustice are happening throughout this country every minute of every day.

It is in this horrific truth, that the Journey Center invites you to travel inside yourself and into the history of both white and black experiences that have perpetuated the pain and have been recipients of the pain of injustices. We offer this with deep humility aware of the limitations each of us has, but we come with hearts open and eager to name truth and be in an authentic and safe community to learn, confront, lament and grow.

Isaiah 62:10
“Go through, go through the gates,
Prepare the way for the people:
Build up, build up the highway,
Clear it of stones,
Lift up an ensign over the peoples.”


We are a part of an Association of Journey Centers, a growing, vibrant movement of God’s Spirit inviting people to encounter the Holy.


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