Come as you are
Encounter the holy
Be renewed


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Advent Begins
Lord, it seems hard to quiet my heart and mind. So much is swirling around and within me. In these moments, please quiet me within. I need your peace of heart and mind to have strength for the day. Hear me Oh Lord, I pray.


Coming Fall 2020

Spiritual Direction Training Program


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We are not a church or an institution.

We are people who have encountered God’s welcome and are being made whole through God’s expansive love.  We create space just as God has created space for us. If you desire to know God’s radical welcome or to join us on a journey toward wholeness, you are so welcome here. You are invited to Come as you are, Encounter the Holy, Be Renewed. 

We embrace the diversity of sexual orientation, gender identity and its expression, religious background, age, range of abilities, racial and cultural identity or background, and educational and socioeconomic status.


We are a part of an Association of Journey Centers, a growing, vibrant movement of God’s Spirit inviting people to encounter the Holy.


Keep up-to-date on Journey Center of Chicago news and events. Join us as we encounter the Holy and experience renewal! 

Exciting News!

Spiritual Direction Training Program beginning Fall 2020

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