The Enneagram

Introduction to the Enneagram

The Enneagram of Personality is a dynamic personality typing system with its roots in a long history of observing human behavior. It outlines nine different personality types with each type operating out of a mix of both natural gifts and developed defensive strategies. Once these gifts and defensive strategies are recognized, self-awareness and behavioral choice increase. The areas of life where these changes can take place are numerous resulting in increased success and satisfaction.

Enneagram Insights

It’s all one thing

Could it be that one of the first wrong turns we took as we journeyed through life was the one whose sign read “You are alone.” This insidious ever creeping lie has caused us a whole heap of suffering. Luckily for us there are many alternative routes whose signs read “You belong; you are inside the circle that holds everything and everyone.” 

I think it is quite wonderful how generous God, Life, the Universe, Love (whatever name you use) is to offer so many ways back to this original truth. I have found the Enneagram to be one of these paths as it highlights for us both the powerful truths and the powerful lies we encounter along our journey. 

With a repeating theme of the oneness of everything, and a rejection of the isolated separateness of anything, we hope to bring insights from the Enneagram that will encourage you toward wholeness and the love of all things. 

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Sali Honess-Ondrey

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Enneagram Insights: The Law of Three and Either/Or

Like the Law of One, the Law of Three represents a concept that is independent of the Enneagram but that the Enneagram points us toward. If we could personify the Enneagram, it would be saying, “Hey! Keep in mind this important truth as you live your life. You will benefit greatly!”  Let’s continue this personification […]

Enneagram Insights: The Law of Three Reflected in the Triangle of the Enneagram

March 21, 2022 Over the last twenty years, the Enneagram has gained greater public recognition in the United States. It is increasingly common to hear people speak of the Enneagram “types,” with varying degrees of accuracy (myself included!). We know from our attention to the Law of One that there is much more than “type […]

Enneagram Insights: Belonging, the Law of One

The truth of the Law of One—that nothing is separate from, but rather everything is part of—is truly mind blowing to the ego, which believes the inverse. Ego has us believing that there is limited room at the table. If you are there, there may not be room for me. Ego has us believing that […]

Enneagram Insights: The Transforming Power of Love and the Law of One

When talking about the Enneagram types, something that has felt a bit off for me is a bent toward the low side of each type. I often hear people speaking of their type with the low descriptors, giving no amplitude to the high descriptors, as though these high ones don’t exist. In my teaching I […]

Enneagram Insights: The Teamwork Between the Law of One and Love

The Enneagram holds many aspects (core type, wings, arrows, centers of intelligence, instincts, virtues and vices, holy ideas and fixations, stances, etc.) that all affect how we operate in the world. This is one of the reasons I find the Enneagram so fascinating and helpful. It is as if there are multiple transparent overlays stacked upon one another, revealing […]

Enneagram Insights: The Law of One Reflected in the Enneagram’s Circle

The Law of One, depicted by the circle that holds the nine points together, says every part belongs. I want us to begin together in that lovely place of safety. Let’s start with the practice that everything belongs, which means all of me, all of you, and all of everything. Nothing has been kicked out! […]


We offer several workshops for those new to the Enneagram, or to those who wish to explore the Enneagram on a deeper level. 

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The Journey Center of Chicago has two certified Enneagram teachers. Both have experience leading individuals and groups through the Enneagram.

Sali Honess-Ondrey

Sali was first introduced to the Enneagram in 2000 using the wisdom it offered in her private counseling practice. In 2016 she was certified as an Enneagram Trainer through Enneagram Spectrum program. Since that time Sali has developed and facilitated several workshops for a variety of groups from corporate employees to those living in generational poverty and the homeless. She has been a Certified Spiritual Director since 2010.

In 2021 Sali became an Accredited Professional with the International Enneagram Association. To learn more visit:

Pam Sutherland

Pam is a certified spiritual director and Enneagram teacher. She uses the Enneagram extensively in her work with individuals, couples, leadership teams, and groups as a framework for facilitating deeper self-awareness, mutual understanding, appreciation, and compassion. She is certified in Enneagram Spectrum and Bringing out the Best in Yourself at Work, and has extensive training in the Enneagram Instincts and Subtypes. Learn more at