The Inner Triangle, Point 6, We Open our Eyes

In the last Insights we began the Inner Triangle journey at Point 9 where we, while “asleep” and unaware, solved the pain and fear of not being seen or welcomed by letting go of certain behaviors (coming out of Gift) which didn’t seem to be working and developed other behaviors (coming out of Defensive Strategy) we thought would work better to receive the welcome we sought.
We now move from Point 9 to Point 6. It is at Point 6 that we “wake up” to find ourselves in an unfamiliar place. It is as if, while we were asleep we were transported hundreds of miles down the road and much of what we used to orient ourselves is gone. Our reaction to the waking-up is disorientation and fear. Recall that the work we did at point 9 was done to reduce fear, now here our fear is inflamed.
This fearful reaction makes sense. Before we “fell sleep” we were practicing behaviors that came out of our Gifts, ones we naturally held and offered the world. We were just being us. But when our security was threatened we needed to make substantial changes. We used the currency we had and exchanged Gifts for Defensive Strategies. It’s those exchanges we awake to.
When looking at our situation objectively, we can see the understandable and yet unfortunate situation we are in at Point 6. Figuring out the best solution to creating seeing and welcoming led us to abandon parts of ourselves. Without them we feel lost and disoriented. We are a long way from where we started and are afraid. The prevailing emotion state at Point 6 is fear. Where am I? What have I created? Will it be enough to sustain me?
Point 6 on the first half of The Inner Triangle journey is a difficult place, full of fearful disorientation and crippling loneliness …not a place anyone wants to stay long. This will call for yet another solution that we will look next time as we get to Point 3.  Until then…  -Sali