Advent Begins in the Darkness of Night

Advent begins in the darkness of night,
waiting and watching for signs of a light,
walking in faith that a path will appear,
daring to follow in spite of our fear.

Advent begins with our dreams yet deferred.
love sounds ridiculous, prayer seems absurd.
but in the midst of life’s centerless maze,
we lift together our protest of praise.

Advent begins in oppression’s domain
marked by the cries of confusion and pain.
Yet hope is kindled where justice is done,
mercy is nurtured and peace is begun.

Advent goes on till the promised dawn breaks,
tyrants are toppled, and God’s dream awakes.
Hope is perfected and faith is made sight.
Love is our center and Christ is our Light.

Text written by Dr. Rev. David Bjorlin © 2017 GIA Publications, Inc.