An Upside-Down Kingdom

Tuesday, December 25- LUKE 2:1-14

Look at the circumstances of Jesus’ birth. Under another government’s rule, pregnant Mary, Joseph, and God’s chosen people are forced to register for a census. It is not the best time to be traveling, but this is the backdrop of Jesus’ birth.

Always an upside-down kingdom: Jesus chose to be born into the messiness of our world and lives. Always an upside-down kingdom: Jesus chose to enter our world not as a rightful king, but as an infant, vulnerable, poor, and reliant on our hospitality and care. Always an upside-down kingdom: who was chosen to hear about the birth first? Shepherds on the margins. The angels announced Christ’s birth by giving them a personal concert.

The Adoration of the Shepherds
Artist: Girolamo da Carpi (Girolamo Sellari) (Italian, Ferrara 1501–1556 Ferrara)
Date: ca. 1535–40
[Public Domain]

God’s expansive love reaches far and wide into the messiness of our lives, including all to give life to all-God’s upside-down kingdom. What a gift! Look at how much we are loved.

Lord, our gratitude is beyond words.  Thank you for loving us so much. Help us to love you well. Amen.

(The devotions for Christmas week were originally written by Rev. Eva Sullivan-Knoff for the Covenant Home Altar. They are used with permission here)

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